4 Reasons Why You Should Find Your Tribe


A little over a month ago, my friend Liz invited me to a brunch. She casually mentioned that her friend Nataliya was hosting, and that a few bloggers were getting together. That turned out to be the understatement of the year!

The incredible group of women I met that day are from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, with a common love of blogging. That beautiful warm day on a rooftop, I remembered what I’d been missing when I started this (new) blog – a community.

Rewind: I’ve kept a blog in some form for nearly ten years. While it’s part of the fabric of my life, very few of my friends read blogs let alone write them.

Side note: I honestly think everyone has something to share and should try blogging at least once – after years, I’ve only recently gotten my bestie on the blogging boat check her out!

Something special happens when you meet someone who gets it.

When someone understands what you’re doing, why you continue to work at it, and why it matters to you, their support takes on a different character. This goes well beyond blogging and can be applied to any part of your life, professional or personal. Think about it! We all have friends that we call when we’re dealing with certain aspects of our lives. In much the same way, a common interest community can be an insightful source of motivation.

There is a depth to the advice your community can offer you.

Each person we associate with plays a role in our lives and growth, but in order to truly grow in the direction we want, we need a community. While you can ask any friend their opinion on choice A or B, it may not be something they’re versed in. Finding a community grants you access to more knowledge than even Google can offer. Chances are, someone has tried what you’re interested in and can share their experience or point you in the direction to get started.

Face time matters.

With a new social community popping up daily, it’s easier than ever to find common interest groups. Forums and groups are a great foundation to begin to build relationships, but I will always recommend that you take those to the next level and try to arrange a meet up. Even if it’s just to share thoughts in a park or have dinner with the people you’ve been swapping ideas with, face to face interactions matters. If you’re the shy type, take baby steps and maybe start with digital meetings.

Community promotes Creativity.

Another great thing about finding a community is that each person has a unique expertise within the subject. Not only are each person’s strengths different, you will find that their methods are just as different. This kind of dynamic can challenge you to shift your mentality and try new approaches. There’s a quote that says the magic happens outside of your comfort zone, and that’s 100% true. Finding your tribe creates a safe space to explore different gears.

Whether you call them your squad, clique, crew, the people you surround yourself with can change your life. Choose wisely, but most importantly, have fun!