The All-Weather Wardrobe


Guys… I was told there would be snow.

There wasn’t, and I was toasty on the train, but I did not have to be toasty all day in the office.

Like I said in last week’s post, having a uniform is key, but weather will always complicate dressing, especially if you’re a commuter. The Michelin man is not one of my style icons, so I had to develop my own strategy.

First, I try not to buy season-specific clothing and instead think of my wardrobe in layers. I know you’ve heard this before, but this isn’t about adding layers over an outfit (great for fall) it’s about layering under. For me, each piece lives in a certain atmosphere and I group my clothing by layer so I can skip or add an entire section based on the weather. Hint, there may be a closet organization post coming your way, but let’s get back to layers…

I start with the coat I want to wear, then I choose a top. One of my favorite combinations is the sweater/button-up/tank top. If you get too warm, any of those layers can come off, but you’re guaranteed not to be cold or bulky. The lower body strategy is simple thanks to leggings, which fit easily under any bottom. Dresses can also be made winter-friendly with the addition of a sweater/tank top under depending on the sleeve length.

My two favorite things about this system are:

  1. It’s not exclusive to the feminine wardrobe, I’ve taught my boyfriend how to layer in.
  2. It ties into *investing in your wardrobe* and getting the most out of each piece, because they all work together to keep you comfortable year-round!

The only things you can’t wear every season are shoes, so I like to *keep a reliable office pair at work* and wear whatever boots I need to get through my commute.

A Little Extra: Where To Go

My best resource for layers has been Uniqlo. As soon as winter hits, I live in their knitted heattech tights. There are a few different colors & patterns, and they’re so comfortable. I was excited to have wandered in during a sale and scored 3 for the price of 2! I think this may still be going on, so if you’re interested, go check them out.

I’d love to hear how you’re keeping warm & cool in this on/off winter and where you shop, so leave some comment love below!

p.s. * = more hints at future posts, I’m full of spoilers today.